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NRN Murthy @ IISc: innovate or fly?

Respected Sir,
    You’re a living legend, a real-life hero to not only me, but to the entire nation. You’re a towering example of entrepreneurship. It’s redundant to write anything about you or your creation, Infosys. Having read the report on your convocation address at the IISc, I must say that it’s both enlightening and simple, as we always expect from you. I’m not able to suppress the urge to ask a few questions though. Sir, pardon me for my audacity.

Firstpost: Now push goes to shove

A new friend named 'Firstpost' is giving me company for the past 1M or so. Historically my friendship sagas are short-lived barring a few odd instances. Let me thank the team for some of their solid work that caught my notice in last 1W before things get murky!