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Elevator pitch?
I'm not into anything to write home about. I just see things and die to comment. That's an urge that has not softened even at 38. Commentary on current affairs including politics, society, media, music, movies or mundane life around me in the city of joy, Kolkata - it's kind of a congenital defect for a Bengali. George Carlin is an inspiration on observing the surroundings and cooking up my own theories without penitence.

Why now?
6Y is a long journey. A toddler learns to walk in a year. Time tells me: no more of shaky doodling, gear up for the big canvas. Build on those scribbles, revise, add on... or bow out of the game.

Why revamp, a new blog?
I'm knee deep into slog overs. Sorry bowlers, I have to step out. I felt the need to be exposed and reviewed. A lot more focus this time, one last time. I'm not on social networking, not socially recognized and not sociable... nothingman hasn't got much to lose socially. Let me stay on track... in the direction of truth, in the ashes of despair, in the sublimity of humor while I breathe.

What and what not to expect?
A straight face for sure; but not sulking. Maybe up, close and personalized; but not exactly a personal diary. Simplified texts; but not diluted answers. Not-so-deep thoughts; but not shallow tips.

Why magic of mortality?
I love magic and am a mortal.

Those looking for answers to "how to be...", "how to learn...", "how to fix...", "how to manage..." may not find anything useful.

Those who get confused by looking at TV/newspaper or hearing things around them. Confusion is the starting point to thinking. I can try matching your steps for a few meters. Then we're all on our own. Finding answer is about a journey and we may not reach the destination in a lifetime. It's all about the thrill of flying over a sea of doubts. Let's focus on this process and not on the end result.

Why all 'not's in italics?
There are not too many born-negative people like me who say "Not too bad" when asked "How are you?". Italics make things appear faded - I need to keep the majority in confidence too!

Last wish?
Finally I've turned wishful! A lot of hits, comments, tips from SEO experts will not be bad. My last wish, however, remains dying while asleep.


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Amarnath killings

7 pilgrims have been killed by terrorists. They were on their way to Amarnath. It’s saddening. It makes me sadder than other forms of killing since it was a pilgrimage. Moreover Amarnath is a high profile, strenuous ‘Yatra’ meant only for the chronic Hindu devotees. Civilians, on a pious trip, would be the softest of all targets, even for the hardcore terrorists. Hence it must be condemned harder than other forms of homicide. And that’s what the media is doing. When the Mumbai massacre (26/11) happened in 2008, we were all hooked on to the TV set. The nomenclature was an obvious derivation from the WTC attack on 9/11. Our indigenous ‘dd/mm’ format gave us a boon. Let me not repeat a ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ line here, though I’ve deep respect for the makers and the content. Today’s newspaper headline reminds me of a few incidents around that time. 1. RGV went to an affected area along with the erstwhile CM and spotted by the media. He wasn’t supposed to accompany a CM. He had probably cast th…

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Dear Sir, How are you doing? Being a senior citizen, you’ve every right to enjoy your retirement. I know I may be disturbing your sojourn, but who else? Indian media have left you high and dry once they were done with their coverage. The fall from the grace, in front of the public, must have been painful and humiliating. The only face-saver was the bail and coming out of those dingy walls. You still have all the wealth you possessed. But romantics claim money can’t buy love. Do you miss the demi-God status of a business icon, earlier offered by your ex-employees, their families, the government and the rest of this nation?

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Arnab Goswami has listened to Mr. Narayana Murthy's plea. India, Mr. Goswami's nation, has found an answer to the charges on lack of innovations. Mr. Goswami is spearheading a movement in his new avatar. After a brief hiatus from public eyes, he is back with a news channel which claims to have snatched the numero uno spot in no time. For the last 1 week, its only line is India vs Pakistan. It's a hard line as opposed to the carefully crafted diplomatic ones being watered till now. It's a pseudo war (albeit verbal with slurs being the only weapons) that gets played out on national TV everyday. In aggression it can beat even a real army on a scorching summer day, in warmongering an Alexander or a Kublai Khan. I'm not going to raise fingers on his (or his financier's) ulterior motive behind running such a high octane show. The typical questions his rivals ask e.g., whose money is it, are the fierce exchanges scripted, why just one headline, is it about news or just…