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Firstpost: Now push goes to shove

A new friend named 'Firstpost' is giving me company for the past 1M or so. Historically my friendship sagas are short-lived barring a few odd instances. Let me thank the team for some of their solid work that caught my notice in last 1W before things get murky!

  • Oh Darling! Yeh Hain India. A capsule of real India all urban people must memorize.

  • Good luck to you too, 'Firstpost'.
  • I don't know if these 3 reasons are accurate or exhaustive. But thanks for the offer and I'm sure they are either perfect or close.
  • Any article with a reference, however feebly, to J Jayalalitha or Mamata Banerjee is of interest to me. Good way to differentiate them with the ladies in headline here.
  • We are a connection-oriented protocol on our own merit. The nexus between connections, money, corruption is not skin-deep, but rather interstitial. I'm hooked to this subject, including mia amore Mr. Lalit Modi. It reminds me of an old post of mine on something similar.
"... My dear fellow countrymen… what are you up to? If my neighbor is a minister or MLA or even the lowest ranking local cadre belonging to a political party or a close associate of such a person… or a civil servant with influence… will I not ask him/her for favor which I cannot achieve otherwise? We boast of our contacts for admission to schools/hospitals or jobs or many other resources. If such a neighbor/relative/friend turns me down in my need, will I remember that he/she is trying to decline offering undue favors? Sometimes I qualify for the resource or service, but have to pay unofficially or in excess. Sometimes I don’t deserve to get it, but I snatch the deal on the power of money. The corporate world is teaching its employees to stay clear of conflicts of interests. But what about situations outside the interest of a corporation? No one knows who the real offenders are – the givers or the takers. God fancies bribe in the form of devotion, offering or prayers to provide protections to the followers against virus or tax. Have you heard of God saving an atheist! Then everyone would have turned to atheism – it’s much economic and relaxing to practice atheism. The easy answer sold by the media is common man is doing no wrong; they are helpless in the hands of the corrupt sections. ...".

So far so good! Let's see how long this honeymoon lasts. Nevertheless, I congratulate you for your attempt to dissect things and add newer perspectives.


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