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Trivia - 1

Little did Sundar Pichai or his professors know when he was doing his BTech in IIT Kgp on Metallurgical Engineering that he would end up being the CEO of tech giant Google. Life carves out its own path; decisions are taken to bid goodbye to the world of blast furnaces and flux. Pichai had all the talents of this world to shine. In his illustrious academic journey (IIT, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania), he never acquired any formal training on Computer Science. This is one of those cases when a heart, a soul and a brain met each other, decided not to part ways and all the forces in the universe gave in.

A little girl did an interesting pattern matching that I couldn't. She was watching Nagesh Kukunoor's Iqbal for the first time. The opening 2 minutes were enough for her to spot the similarity to those of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I could not but agree with her. Pattern recognition is a fundamental instinct of human brains and it defies maturity that is commonly deemed as a function of age. Coming to the act of copying, let's not waste time in categorizing whether it was a high end inspiration act by a filmmaker or not. Whatever be it, it's acknowledged in today's India that thinking is a costly human resource and its usage is limited to money-making even by the so-called creative minds. Look how each deodorant brand relies on a single theme (of driving ladies insane in less than 20 seconds) to outplay each other on TV commercials.

Gluten, beta-carotene, probiotics - these keywords are doing the rounds on the minds of urban, health conscious, Indian youth. Assuming a conservation law on goodness of food, a few items found themselves knocked off the top of the chart to make room for the newcomers. Vitamin, trans-fat, organic are few good men who went down the ladder. Zumba has done the same for aerobics. Women in cities, who are lucky to have time and a lot of money, are found to be more inclined towards fitness schools that mix some form of dance and music. I think the word 'creativity' has an aura; plus fitness as a bonus - it's a highly sociable combo. Wealth is health!

North Indian Hindu devotees are more colorful than south Indian counterparts. It goes without saying that It's my personal view. North Indians see their gods as someone very close to them. They take pride in feeding butter, treating as a naughty son, scolding for any childish mischief. That reflects in their 'devotional' songs too. Many of the devotional chart-toppers have essentially been Hindi film songs reworked on the lyrics part. I love the 'electronica' fused songs more. A song "Radhe Radhe Radhe" is a superhit over quite a few years now and its composers may not even dream of such a success. Just a mix of a male voice and a synthesized sound bridged by a nasal overtone almost devoid of any words, did something even Anoop Jalota would wonder in his heydays.


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