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It's curious me, you little Indian God!

1. The 'face of 4G' chirpy girl all over TV channels - does she think she is luckier than Abhijeet Sawant? She's so happy, so shiny, so all over India (covered Himalayas, Lakes, Forests for the sake of 4G technology, brave girl!). Don't feel depressed honey, 10Y down the line. You probably don't have a lot of airtime left!

2. What happened to the commercial where a bride in a wedding scene was shown to have a kid? Was she an unwed mom or a divorcee/widow remarrying someone? I liked the act, but it went off air soon.
3. Unrest at universities, some of which are hyped as premier academic institutions of India, is good for passing time. I have always been fond of student unrest and protest marches and clashes. Teachers are benefited the most, they get a welcome rest through these unrest. Do they continue taking private coaching classes? Any silly 'ideological' war over social media is lovely. Things get more 'real' when media heavyweights join the game, the latest one being 'Anti-national' skits. An election or a natural calamity may bring in a whirlwind switch to something else, I'm tired and intolerant!
4. The intelligentsia is growing unhappy with the BJP government, the Sensex has come down to where it was before the election and the media is keeping a close watch on which side to take to rake in. Will the BJP lose the next election after a thumping 300+ record in 2014? So sweet to expect a miracle and abandon a winner in a jiffy!
5. Parambrata Chatterjee has been listening to a folk rock British singer named Nick Drake! Mr. Drake, finally you got noticed in a cultural melting pot like Kolkata. That too, you've been discovered by the most intelligent actor, director (I don't know if anyone willingly let him direct), singer (he was part of an elite musical band where he sang a ballad once or twice), host (he anchored TV shows including dance and chat shows where he had chewing gums and a guitar to keep himself awake), student of world cinema (he went to London for some course, it came in newspapers and I read), distance-relationship specialist (after a few affairs with celebrity women of different age groups, he found love in a British lady) -- in a nutshell, a Royal Bengal Talent! Will it be a Volkswagen-again? <NDrake-1><NDrake-2>


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