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Tech-no-logical update

Mr. Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys and proponent of value-based-service in India, has blamed the Indian software industry for acting as "immigration agents" guaranteeing visas and green cards. He was addressing at the ISB, Hyderabad.
My dad was a smoker and failed to ask me not to smoke when I grew up. In business, no model is bad as long as it sells. India is debating whether to cover the cigarette packs with gory graphics upto 85% or not, increasing the tax on tobacco products by leaps and bounds each year; but never contemplating on stopping the production. 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'! As expected, India has exceeded the number of H1B applications beyond the upper limit, thanks to Indian IT industry. <NRNMurthy-IISc>

IITs have hiked their tution fees to more than double. Let me exercise my democratic right to guess the reason. They have taken Mr. NRN Murthy's earlier taunt seriously and introduced 'Innovation Technology' into their curriculum.

Of late, India is raining 'aspiring entrepreneurs'. Everyone talks of starting something on one's own. Very soon, we will run out of workers who take orders. Also, industry law etc should be a mandatory subject in schools. Finally the whole of India, the vagabonds and the talents look up to the sky to spot the cloud! Give me ideas, I'll give you more money. Of course, God plays a crucial role in picking its favorites.


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