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News brews

Amitabh Bachchan is in jitters, will he or won't he be the brand ambassador of 'Incredible India' after his name got entangled in something called Panama Papers. Mr. Bachchan, who was declared by a court as anyone but a farmer from Barabanki, UP, is a role model to a billion plus.
It's a predicament for the glaciers of the Himalaya, whether to melt down further or not; they are glued to the news as it breaks. In case Mr. Bachchan can't make it, I think this chirpy 4G face of modern India has already made the cut. She has found herself in the remote scenic locations to shoot for some telecom company but has indirectly promoted Indian tourism. I think I saw her in some other commercial too! I'm so glad that she is making inroads into a career in marketing; it’s her prize for being Indian tourism ambassador.

33Cr heads (25%) of Indian population is hit by drought this year. That’s when Maharashtra, which has a significant contribution in those numbers, was caught wasting water to feed the pitches for IPL. The court has directed them to move out of Maharastra. BCCI is angry, they are still trying their best to make both ends meet by challenging verdicts from one court to another and threatening to shift the venue to abroad locations next year (2017). Cash cows vs poor humans – tough call for the rest of India who live on breaking news, take sides to fight a cause with popcorn bowls in hands, eagerly wait for the next upgrade to a mindless game on the mobile phone. Those who can’t afford a basic necessity like water are anyway vulnerable to dying of hunger. Does it really matter if a hungry man dies of thirst too?

Ethics on parents' lips, values in the classroom and money at the bar – they’re all good, at their respective places. Grow up kid, you’re the one who will earn money, first as much as you could, then much more than that, to lead a ‘healthy’ life. God gives us cancer to test our faith, oops, our capacity to buy healthcare. So beat the heat, beg-borrow-steal, pick your number and wait for the lucky draw! Till then, keep your eyes tied to the news as it breaks, serve your mind with addictions (games, shopping, Zumba etc), meet friends at the parties and never say no to more money.


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