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Raju, the forgotten hero

Dear Sir,
How are you doing? Being a senior citizen, you’ve every right to enjoy your retirement. I know I may be disturbing your sojourn, but who else? Indian media have left you high and dry once they were done with their coverage. The fall from the grace, in front of the public, must have been painful and humiliating. The only face-saver was the bail and coming out of those dingy walls. You still have all the wealth you possessed. But romantics claim money can’t buy love. Do you miss the demi-God status of a business icon, earlier offered by your ex-employees, their families, the government and the rest of this nation?

I do feel your pain of being forgotten, sir. Let me reassure you, motivate you to look at the brighter side of the moon. In a country where every citizen works hard to evade taxes according to his/her capability, you’re righteous to feel cheated. We need a few scapegoats to rinse our sense of guilt. Plus yours was too white-collared a case. You are over-qualified as a corrupt Indian. A corporate honcho with degrees from foreign universities, a founder of an IT services giant, a proponent of values, integrity – your legitimate income was in the top bracket of our economy. Still you chose to enjoy accounting frauds and made additional money beyond all your legally viable options. The amounts involved were staggering. We were too jealous to let you go when media broke the news. Then we gradually mellowed because we’re a land of soul and compassion. We know how to treat old age. Our media warned us against the moss in you and we rolled on. Going by your past good conducts, we’ve allowed you a reasonably comfortable and quiet retired life outside the quarter of jails. To rub you off your ignominy, we have forgotten you. We may recall you on some anniversary issues (e.g. 10Y of Satyam’s sell-off etc), but those are minor glitches compared to an unhygienic imprisonment. Keep well sir and enjoy our amnesia.

Truly yours,


[Sept 2015: Satyam scam: Sebi asks Ramalinga Raju, family, others to return Rs 1,800 crore
May 2015: Satyam case: Hyderabad court grants bail to all 10 convicts including B Ramalinga Raju
April 2015: Satyam founder Ramalinga Raju challenges fraud case verdict 
April 2015: Verdict on Satyam Computer scam out: Ramalinga Raju, 9 other convicts sent to 7 years in jail 
January 2009: Ramalinga Raju resigns, discloses a Rs 7000-crore accounting fraud in balance sheets about cash which never existed in the company]


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