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Fun in 15

Top 'N' funny moments of 2015, in India? Here you're:

1. Bihar elections - Said enough!
2. Intolerance - India never fails to nitpick non-issues leaving all real things aside. Intolerance is a pretty vast and generic subject. Intolerance against something, even if as popular and remotely vague as religions, is a serious subject that gets diluted when our media asked celebrities including 3 Khans of Bollywood about their opinions. How do we forget that most of the pertinent issues in India don't touch the rich? Irrespective of whichever official religions we practice (I'm discounting the atheist morons from any serious discourse on religions!), we are staunch believers of "I am a Millionaire. That is my religion" (GB Shaw). Money is the ultimate insulator to keep its owner away from almost all evils... barring a few great levellers like cancer and of course, death. We also must not forget that even the biggest celebrities need marketing of their products as the business gurus tell us that no publicity is bad enough. Besides, this growing voice against intolerance is apparently on the BJP government at the center who have never claimed themselves to be tolerant and yet managed record-breaking votes in 2014. I'm in stitches by the weirdness of our behavioral patterns.
3. Salman Khan's acquittal - Salman Khan's car that ran over a few homeless mortals wasn't driven by anyone and hence he is released without a stain in his 'Being human' t-shirt. It was expected. What amuses me is how Indians react to this. As usual there were few funny-looking hashtags over social media as if people were unhappy with this turn of events - as if they would question the lawmen. They didn't! 27th Dec was religiously celebrated as Bhai's 50th birthday all over and his moves and movies ('Sultan') are eagerly awaited with all due fanfare. The film fraternity as well as its spectators have so far shown no sign of remembering the obvious questions behind a crime and its (no) punishment. Rather we're a happy family who gossip about Bhai's latest look!
4. Chatuskone/Srijit Mukherjee's National Award – A good laughter can heal wounds! Wasn’t there any better directed movie made throughout the year in so many different languages? Bad decision for films, but good for your daily dose of laughter. Chatuskone-a-dumb-thriller
5. Odd-Even cars & Kejriwal – For the first time in my lifetime, I saw a man on the chair taking some tangible step to curb pollution. Delhi had already reached all the top 10 lists of the world in terms of air pollution. Arvind Kejriwal, the CM, took a stunning action by declaring an order to the citizens of Delhi. Now, there are short-term challenges, obvious confusions to deal with any action you take with long-term visions. The funny part is how the nation, particularly those who feel they rule the ‘virtual’ world, got polarized. It does hurt lifestyles of a section of the population – consider those who have just one car, or those who have two but both are occupied on a daily basis. They have to either resort to public transport (which is a straight lifestyle downgrade, a horrific nightmare for a ‘developing economy’) or car pooling with a colleague (again a status slash in front of envious neighbors). There is no easy ride to end real issues, someone’s going to be offended. For issues that matter to the entire nation or humanity, a good citizen should offer a lot more welcoming gesture. Argue you must, but put things in perspective. Come on; shower thanks to the man, Mr. Kejriwal. It's been far too long that leaders talk about environment in a scenic place tucked behind Swiss Alps - let's hit the roads!
6. Maggimania – Maggi is back on shelves. Towards the end of the year Maggi came back, clearing some tests, this time with a few new 'friends' added to this section of FMCG business. Science is so funny, when it mixes with business interests! I can’t miss laughing my heart out! Maggi-build-up

7. Cashless economy – The finance minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, announced sops to promote netbanking transactions over cash for paying utility bills. In general the government feels that it can curb on corruption if the economy as a whole moves towards cashless, over-the-wire transactions of different forms, rather than the more preferred, but leaky, cash transactions. You see the grin on my face, even when I congratulate for such a wise vision! It's plain... the word 'corruption' in India is a source of inspiration to open a laughing club on its own. I warn anyone who takes any step remotely pointing to black money to face severe consequences. Mr. Jaitley, you've failed in 2014 LS elections with a BJP ticket. This smartness might land you nowhere - forget your fellow countrymen; even your own family, friends and relatives may abandon you.


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